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The Happytime Murders unleashes new photos of puppety crime

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Aug 1, 2018, 4:42 PM EDT

After winning their lawsuit against Sesame Street, the very legal and very R-rated puppets of The Happytime Murders are back with some new photos to tease out their noirish take on L.A.’s felty underbelly.

The STX Entertainment film is a buddy cop movie featuring a human/puppet duo seeking to solve the murder of formerly beloved children’s entertainers “The Happytime Gang.”

The Brian Henson-directed film has already had some legal hiccups that’ve generated some fun interest from seemingly everyone besides those still maintaining that puppetry is solely for kids, and now we’ve got a look at a few more of the film’s fuzzy degenerates.

There’s poker, private eyes, a donkey/chicken DVD with the title “Chicks With Big Asses,” an Uzi, a porn shop, and a weird S&M gremlin. Yeah, this movie’s gonna be bananas. You can see all the new images in the gallery below.

And if these pictures pique your interest in seeing the film, there’s some great news for those in the Los Angeles area. August 10-13, The Happytime Murders will be hosting The InkHole, a Tatoo Parlor and Speakeasy, in Hollywood.

You’ll not only be able to get yourself some ink of your favorite puppet, but you will also be led through a secret passage to a speakeasy featuring various seedy characters of the puppet underworld. If you’ve ever wanted to hang out on Sesame Street, but be completely weirded out by the experience, The InkHole is definitely the place to be.

The event is free and open to the public, and you can RSVP here.

The Happytime Murders will be solved when it hits theaters on Aug. 24.