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The Happytime Murders' P.I. promises to solve personal, impersonal injuries in hilarious infomercial

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Aug 17, 2018, 11:31 AM EDT

The Happytime Murders hasn’t been shy, well, about anything, really — but they’ve also released tons of videos during their marketing push. Some of are merely profane, while others tap into the silliness of an R-rated puppety underworld — like the recently released infomercial promoting the private-investigator business of protagonist Phil Phillips (Bill Barretta).

The film, which stars Melissa McCarthy, Joel McHale, Maya Rudolph, and Elizabeth Banks, hopes to tackle some raunchy issues with the tried-and-true dissonance of puppets. But Phillips? He just wants to clean up crime.

Check out his ad:

With over several years of experience (sounding like an old Homestar Runner cartoon), Phillips promises to crack every case he’s been tasked to solve. After linking to the film’s website, a scrolling list of problems the P.I.’s willing to tackle flies by. Some of the highlights include murder (depends), bad haircuts, personal and impersonal injuries, Lost: Season 2, classy lawyer suits, and missing Czechs.

Don’t believe what you see on Yelp, he warns. This is also basically the message of The Happytime Murders puppet cast reading tweet reactions to the red band trailer. At some point, the reactions to the reactions will run out, but they’ve got at least this one Jimmy Kimmel-esque video left in the chamber.

The Happytime Murders gets down and dirty on Aug. 24.