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Harley Quinn will travel to Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips in new DC comic from Sam Humphries

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Mar 30, 2018, 5:03 PM EDT

Harley Quinn will really be leaving her comfort zone in a DC comic from Nightwing and Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries and Quinn mainstay artist John Timms. When we say she's "leaving her comfort zone," we're not exaggerating in the slightest because Ms. Quinzel is traveling all the way to Darkseid's home planet of Apokolips out in space, where she'll meet with the New Gods. This new Harley Quinn comic from Humphries and Timms will begin in early July with issue #45. 

“The biggest question, and the biggest challenge for Harley, is defining if she’s a hero or a villain. But why can’t she be both?” Humphries said in an official release from DC. "In our first three-issue story arc, John Timms and I are going to bring the crazy Kirby Krackle to Harley Quinn — focusing on the manic energy that made us cheer for her and the tragic emotions that made us fall in love with her.”

Harley Quinn comic

Credit: DC

In the story, she'll be waking up on Apokolips and get to meet the New Gods, Jack Kirby creations, who will make their first cinematic appearance thanks to A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay. According to Humphries, she gets an offer from Granny Goodness (a villain based on Phyllis Diller) to join the Female Furies of Apokolips, a group of warriors trained by Goodness and fiercely loyal to Darkseid. Not a bad offer for an Earth girl and she'll be getting a sweet Apokolips-forged mallet to replace her human one.

“When she grabs this Kirby-infused hammer, it’s going to give her powers like she’s never had before. It’s going to be unlike any other hammers she’s ever had before and she’s a hammer enthusiast,” Humphries told The Washington Post, adding that Harley will also "wrestle over what it means to take on that kind of power.”

A normal person might be frightened to the point of death at finding themselves on such a hellish landscape, but Humphries says she'll feel right at home. 

"Harley, she wakes up on Apokolips and she sees the fire pits, she sees the dystopian future, she sees the grinding machinery. She’s a wild card on a planet full of wild cards and there’s something for her to embrace there if she so chooses," Humphries said.

As he explained, with a tease: "Apokolips is just the beginning of our plans for Harley."

Harley Quinn #45 drops on July 4.