Harley Quinn writers talk Harley, who she is, how she'd fit into Batman v Superman

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Oct 10, 2014

It had been a long time since Harley Quinn had her own comic before JImmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were brought in to give her a title of her very own. In the meantime she's been mostly Squadding it up with some Suicidal dudes, being a Gotham Siren perhaps, and being occasionally occupied with a certain Clown Prince of Crime.

But the creators who gave the hypersexualized Power Girl one of the most fun and dynamic runs DC has ever had are doing something equally cool with the hyper-violent Harley Quinn.

So, who is Harley now, and how do her writers see her? Jimmy describes her as someone who wants to "save that dog from getting hit by a car by knocking over seven old ladies in wheelchairs to get to it."

"We write her as a hero in her own mind," says Amanda. For a girl who talks to roadkill, that sounds about right.

But while Harley having a comic of her own is nice, the three of us couldn't help but notice that, for a character who is one of the most cosplayed at this year's NYCC, she still hasn't gotten a movie or a TV show (easter egg-y cameo on Arrow notwithstanding). In fact, she hasn't even been in any major movie, really. So I asked Jimmy and Amanda to pitch what would happen if she would appear in some movies (superhero and horror) and what her own movie would be like. Here's where they wound up:

Batman v. Superman v. Harley Quinn

Jimmy: "She would find out their identities and make their lives hell."

Amanda: "They'd probably throw her in Arkham, because she'd probably be pretty easy for them to get, she would get out of Arkham and THEN make it her business."

Jimmy: "She would hide in Batman's trunk, he drives in the batcave, she'd come out, she'd change all the knobs on all the computers to drive him completely insane. And then she'd go to the Daily Planet and mess with Clark Kent's copier."

Amanda: "She'd make out with him in front of Lois." 

Harley Quinn v. Annabelle the delightful satanic doll

Jimmy: "She would destroy the doll. I think she would talk to it a lot and then the doll would commit suicide."

Harley Quinn: The Movie

Jimmy: "I think Hollywood would say right away, make it the Batman villian and I think that's done in one. I think it's more like this comic, the world of Harley, the madness of Harley. I don't think they should think of it as a superhero movie, they should think of it as a Harley Quinn movie and it should be chaos, it should be fun, it should be scary, it should be murderous, and it should be sweet."

Amanda: "Harley fits better as a sitcom." And, on killing the Friends cast, "I love this apartment, but I gotta get rid of these guys."

As for what other characters Jimmy and Amanda would lend their talents toward next, the answer is clear -- Big Barda. As for a title, it would be "Big Barda Takes Manhattan," says Jimmy. 

Barda in the big city? Sure, why not.

What do you think of Palmiotti and Conner's take on Harley Quinn? Would you sign on for a movie featuring the crazed clown princess?



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