Harrison Ford finally chimes in on Han Solo's fate in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Mar 23, 2016

Fans are still reeling from the twists and turns in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now star Harrison Ford has chimed in with what he thinks about one of the biggest ones.

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

As part of a Q&A event with Entertainment Weekly, Ford was asked about the tragic death of Han Solo at the hands of his own son. The moment was heartbreaking, though as most fans know, it paid off on something Ford has wanted to happen for decades. The actor has been lobbying for Solo’s death for years, though it didn’t make it any less devastating to see that lightsaber slice through the fan-favorite character.

Not surprisingly, Ford said he was in favor of Abrams’ decision to kill the character, but only because of where it will now push the story for the players who still survive:

“I think it’s a fitting use of the character. I’ve been arguing for Han Solo to die for about 30 years, not because I was tired of him or because he’s boring, but his sacrifice for the other characters would lend gravitas and emotional weight.”

The Blu-ray of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits shelves April 5.

What did you think of Han’s death? A fitting end?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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