Harrison Ford looking for new recruits in Ender's Game viral clip

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Jul 17, 2013, 6:04 PM EDT

Harrison Ford channels his inner Bill Adama in the latest Ender's Game clip showing off some new footage from the controversial sci-fi flick.

Ender's Game won't be out in theaters until Nov. 1, but that hasn't stopped the sci-fi pic from being a major news story in the here and how. Lately it seems like Lionsgate has been working overtime to separate the Ender's Game movie from the author's controversial views on marriage equality.

So, as we await the inevitable deluge of details from San Diego Comic-Con, Summit Entertainment has snuck out this viral recruitment video both to keep excitment up and, no doubt, to keep focus off that pesky boycott at the same time.

There's something decidedly Battlestar about this clip, and we're not complaining! 

(Via Summit Entertainment)