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Harrison Ford quips he 'didn't give a rat's ass' which actors ran with the Star Wars baton

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Mar 2, 2018, 12:18 PM EST (Updated)

Harrison Ford, the genuinely heroic curmudgeon who won our hearts as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, is living his truth with as little filtration as you’d expect from a veteran actor who’s dominated so many movies and been through countless marketing cycles. The actor was having fun with his co-stars while exiting the Star Wars franchise with The Force Awakens, and he's still game to offer a few bons mots about them.

In a New York Times profile of John Boyega, part of the new generation of Star Wars leads, Ford’s private admiration of the actor was coupled with his outward coyness toward his on-set friendships. He’s quoted as calling Boyega, who plays former Stormtrooper Finn in the new trilogy, “bold, confident and complicated, with intelligent ideas.” That feeds into Boyega’s claim that the pair are besties, which Ford likes to pooh-pooh. “I hardly know the man,” Ford said.

But the two continue to have a tit-for-tat relationship full of hilarious verbal quips. After a photo shoot where Ford noted that he was the A-lister that photographers wanted in the middle of the picture, Boyega said, “Yeah, mate, you ain’t going to be the star when you get stabbed by Kylo Ren.” This death by lightsaber ended Ford’s decades-long run as Solo, but it wasn’t an emotional moment of passing the torch.

“I don’t know that I thought of it that way at all,” Ford told the Times. “I was there to die. And I didn’t really give a rat’s ass who got my sword.”

When you embody a character for so long, there really doesn’t seem to be much reason to think beyond his lifespan — especially when his death was so meaningful for so many fans and kickstarted the emotional plotline of the new trilogy. That said, this could also just be more of Ford’s bone-dry sense of humor, razzing those who need a narrative between actors as much as they do between characters.