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Harrison Ford, real-life action hero, helps car crash victim

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Nov 20, 2017

Harrison Ford may be the khaki-wearing hero of our archeologist-loving hearts, but he’s also an everyday hero to people all over California. After rescuing a dangerously dehydrated hiker with his Bell 407 helicopter back in 2000 (yes, he’s a life-saving pilot in real life too) and directing New York City tunnel traffic just months ago, Ford’s action heroics are back. TMZ is reporting that, late Sunday morning, the iconic actor was driving behind a woman who lost control of her vehicle, then “pulled over and rushed to the woman's aide.”

ABC News reports that Ford and others at the scene just north of Los Angeles were able to “help the woman out of the car,” as she suffered from minor injuries.

In images that surfaced online, Ford can be seen clearing debris from the crash site and steadying the car on the embankment it fell onto while police secure the scene.

SYFY WIRE has reached out to California Highway Patrol officials.

The Indiana Jones and Han Solo actor's Samaritanism uniquely mirrors his iconic roles, in which he's famously played heroes with gruff charm who save the day. His love of aviation has also been a boon, even if it's also endangered his own life. Even with that considered, the 75-year-old’s penchant for good citizenry and his lesser-touted campaigning for environmentalism makes him a prime example that Hollywood heroics need to be relegated to the big screen.

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