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Harry Potter fans: Cast your vote to choose SYFY WIRE’s Wizarding World fan correspondent

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Oct 5, 2018, 10:16 AM EDT

Regardless of which house you hail from, you now hold a great fate in your hands. That’s because the time has come to cast your vote for one of our seven finalists in SYFY WIRE’s search for a Harry Potter superfan correspondent, who’ll be on the scene to give you a ground-level view of the Wizarding World in the year ahead.

Starting with the simplest of requirements — a deep, abiding love and knowledge of all things Wizarding World — our long and arduous hunt has sorted these seven Harry Potter superfan finalists from among a horde of worthy contestants.

Follow this link (don’t worry, we’ll include it again at the end of this post) to check out Katie Aiani, Zachary Durand, Ori Zaff, Kristen Maldonado, Kirstie Petersen, Allyson Gregg, and Adit Kothari — all walking encyclopedias of J.K. Rowling lore, and all possessed of a pleasingly frightening grasp of the dos and don’ts of the Hogwarts universe.

Once you’ve scoped out the lengths our finalists will go to to make the cut, then the difficult task of voting on your favorite is all in your hands. Remember, you’ll be seeing a lot of the winner in 2019, so choose wisely.

As for the voting itself, it couldn’t be easier: After you’ve watched all our finalists in action, click on the heart icon next to their corresponding video to vote for your favorite.

And no matter who’s chosen, a Butterbeer toast is order for all our contestants. These guys have laid it all on the line to share their fandom with their fellow muggles, so raise that glass!

Click here to be whisked away to our Wizarding World contest page and make your voice count!