Harry Potter fans push to turn Polish castle into real College of Wizardry

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Mar 5, 2015, 5:57 PM EST

Harry Potter fans not content to just watch the eight films are campaigning to get this Polish castle prepped for a playground of magical arts for their LARPing pleasure.  This collection of conjuring enthusiasts has started a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo called Wizardry College: As Real As Wizard School Gets to raise $50,000.   The money would be aimed toward paying for a series of elaborate four-day retreats for the 138 participants to engage in a long weekend of live-action, improvised role-playing.   The medieval fortress being used is Czocha Castle in southwestern Poland, and the official, one-off event held at the location last November received the green light from Warner Brothers as long as the revelers didn't mention Muggles, Mudbloods or anything else specifically encountered in the Potterverse in their promotional literature.

Historic Czocha Castle has been open to tourists and visitors since the 1990s, though conspicuously devoid of headless ghosts and animated portraits.  So far, the crowdfunding campaign has raised just over $26,000 (53 percent) and will end on April 29, 2015.  If by some magical miracle the donations exceed $1 million, the group plans on buying their own Polish castle to convert into a permanent home for their annual festivities.  

Take a look at their campaign video below and see if you'll grant them a few galleons.

(Via Filmdrunk)