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Harry Potter star joins Falling Skies S4 as mysterious new character

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Oct 30, 2013, 11:48 AM EDT (Updated)

Details about the fourth season of TNT’s hit alien-invasion drama Falling Skies are starting to come together, and the series just added a Harry Potter alum in a mysterious new role.

Actress Scarlett Byrne, who played Pansy Parkinson in the last three Harry Potter flicks, has signed on as a new series regular in season four. The unnamed character is described as a “mysterious young woman with special powers and an unusual connection to the alien invaders.” Hmm, intriguing.

The role is also supposed to be “key” to the plot of season four, meaning her role is likely something cooked up by new showrunner David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) since taking over earlier this year. Even sneakier? We’ve already seen Byrne in the promo footage released a few weeks ago, via a quick glimpse in the final frame. 

Check out the trailer above and stay until the very end to get a look at her. Considering his pedigree on Battlestar Galactica, we’re definitely excited to see what Eick cooks up for season four. Whatever he has in store for Byrne, it’ll probably be good.

Do you think she’ll make a good addition to the series?


(Via Deadline)