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WIRE Buzz: Harry Potter AR game sets drop date; Daisy Ridley horror trailer surfaces

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Jun 19, 2019, 1:32 PM EDT

Today’s WIRE Buzz features news on mind-bending projects that go from fantastical to freaky, along with a new glimpse at the Wizarding World’s next technological steps.

But first, let’s look at something very, very strange. This isn't just "talking dog" strange. This is "talking dog that is also a therapist" strange. And she's voiced by Lisa Kudrow. Really.

Deadline reports that Therapy Dog has cast Kudrow in the title role, a poodle mix that "has studied Carl Jung and loves tummy rubs." Written by Clea DuVall, Jennifer Crittenden, and Gabrielle Allan, the Fox project had planned on tapping Vanessa Bayer as the lead, but will now see Kudrow join cast members DuVall and Sharon Horgan. Aside from being a therapist, the main dog also has a tough marriage and an alluring coyote beckoning her on the side.

Sounds like Therapy Dog will have its strangeness skew more toward adults a la BoJack Horseman once it actually sees airtime.


Next, an AR game set in the world of Harry Potter will soon come stateside. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Pokemon Go-like game focused on saving Muggles from Death Eaters and evil creatures, has a launch date after a test run in Australia and New Zealand:

June 21! Only a month and change since its first beta and J.K. Rowling fans can start brandishing their smartphone wands in support. Stopping the Calamity is of utmost import, which is driven home in the game’s launch trailer:

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launches worldwide on June 21.


Finally, a Star Wars star has another project — with less franchise-minded sensibilities — coming to light. Daisy Ridley, who many fans will know as Rey from the latest trilogy in the Skywalker Saga, has a horror movie (her screen debut, even) coming out in wide release and a new trailer to go right along with it.

Scrawl, written and directed by Peter Hearn, is about a haunted comic that’s manifesting terrifying things in real life.

Here’s the trailer:

The throwback film looks like it was found on an old VHS buried in the rubble of a demolished video store. That might be because it hit film festivals all the way back in 2015, only now surfacing to the general public with an iTunes release. However, since iTunes is shutting down, this movie may face some challenges getting front and center with viewers. Perhaps Ridley will always be known as coming out of nowhere into The Force Awakens, and, maybe, that’s for the best.

Viewers can also find Scrawl on VOD.