Harvey Weinstein removed as producer on Artemis Fowl

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Oct 11, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

Amid continually mounting allegations that he sexually assaulted a slew of women, Harvey Weinstein has been removed as a producer on Disney's upcoming feature adaptation of the fantasy saga Artemis Fowl.

The film, which will be based on the first two books in the successful series written by Eoin Colfer, has been scheduled for an Aug. 9, 2019, release.

A spokesperson for Disney confirmed the news to THR: "We have terminated his services as producer."

Weinstein initially acquired the film rights to the Artemis Fowl books during his time at Miramax back in the early 2000s, in the midst of the success of movie adaptations based on young adult series such as Harry Potter. Disney acquired the film rights after Weinstein split from Miramax, but he eventually rejoined the project as a producer in 2013.

In the wake of numerous allegations of sexual harassment against Weinstein, which broke via the New York Times and the New Yorker, it was also confirmed earlier this week that his name would be removed from any TV shows produced by the company. On Sunday, he was fired by TWC, which is also considering changing the company name to remove any mention of its fallen founder.

Artemis Fowl follows the supernatural story of the titular criminal mastermind, who captures a fairy and holds her for ransom in order to secure a future for his family's fortune. Judi Dench is currently attached to the project in an unconfirmed role, with Kenneth Branagh directing.