Has Frank Darabont just walked OFF The Walking Dead?

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Dec 14, 2012

According to sources close to the show, Frank Darabont may have just left The Walking Dead. WTF?

Deadline reports that Darabont, the creator and executive producer of the smash AMC series, is leaving his position as showrunner. There's no official confirmation of this yet, and what makes it even stranger is that Darabont appeared just last Friday at the Walking Dead panel during Comic-Con. It's not clear whether Darabont is leaving the series completely or will stay on board in some capacity.

The reason for his alleged departure is also unknown, but Deadline speculates that Darabont never got used to the daily grind of making a weekly TV series after working in the film world for years.

Season two of The Walking Dead is in production now, and if Darabont does walk (pardon the pun), the day-to-day operations could be handed to his number two man, executive producer Glen Mazzara. But will The Walking Dead be the same without the man who wrote and directed its pilot and brought the series to the screen?

We'll find out on Oct. 16 when The Walking Dead—with or without Darabont's involvement—has its second-season premiere on AMC.

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