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Has Marvel been dropping the same MCU Easter egg since Thor?

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Sep 25, 2018

Call it an inadvertent reuse of assets, or call it one of the MCU’s most patient and subtle easter eggs. We aren’t sure which — and judging from all the fan chatter on Reddit, there isn’t much consensus.

Either way, Marvel appears to have been reusing a visual of a suspiciously samey-looking space panorama, one that may or may not show the distant planet Vormir as a background of MCU movies dating all the way back to 2011’s Thor.

Reddit user GrandMoff_Harry noticed the similarity between the shots and posted the evidence earlier this week in a thread titled “Vormir has been under our noses since 2011.” The idea kicked off a lengthy and lore-rich fan conversation that appears to still be going strong. At issue is whether Marvel intentionally dropped visual clues to Vormir — seen up close for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War — into space panoramas from both Thor and Thor: Ragnarok.

In Infinity War, the barren and cloud-shrouded Vormir forms the backdrop for one of the movie’s most emotional moments as Thanos sacrifices the thing he loves the most — his adopted daughter and Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora — in exchange for ownership of the Soul Stone. That depiction is by far the most information fans have about the planet.

The comics have done little to establish Vormir’s significance in the Marvel universe beyond identifying it as the sixth planet in the Helgentar system, an extension of the Kree empire inhabited by the energy-absorbing Vorms. So, if there’s a weakness in the argument that Marvel meant to plant Vormir in both Thor films as a foreshadowing easter egg, it may be that Vormir itself has meant little in MCU movie lore up until the events of Infinity War.

Check out the images and try to get a read on what, if anything, Marvel’s been playing at. After all, if the MCU can slow-burn a cleverly placed easter egg over the course of several movies that span nearly a decade, who knows what else may yet be hiding in plain sight?

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