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Has the title of the Han Solo spin-off movie finally been revealed?

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Aug 24, 2017

We've been talking about the Han Solo origin movie for a long time, so long in fact that you'd think we'd actually have something to call it officially by now. The film is so far along at this point that its original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street), were infamously replaced by veteran Oscar winner Ron Howard midway through production. We're less than a year away from the release, and yet Lucasfilm has yet to give us an "official" title for the flick.

Do we now have an answer?

Earlier this week, a Twitter user styling themselves "Girl With The Staff" posted what would appear to be a photo of a promotional catalog that features a watermarked logo. Check it out:

So, the title of the Han Solo movie may very well be ... Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. OK, so that's not exactly the most original choice, but it's in line with the naming convention established by Rogue One last year, and it makes sense. After all, if you're making a movie about one of Star Wars' most recognizable characters, why would you bury his name when you're thinking of a title? At the moment we have no idea whether this image is genuine, but as Screen Rant keenly points out, the logo is identical to a DeviantArt graphic from 2015. Disney has not commented on the film's title.

Whether or not it's the real deal, this title is a pretty safe bet. And if it's not official, Lucasfilm can always turn to Twitter for plenty of new naming ideas.

(Via Comic Book Movie)