Has that long-awaited Neuromancer movie found its leading men?

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Dec 17, 2012

Last we heard of the decades-in-development-hell adaptation of William Gibson's cyberpunk classic Neuromancer, Bruce Willis was on deck to star in the flick. That rumor died a while back (or so it seems), but now a fresh source has the names of not one, but two potential stars for the flick, and there are offers on the table.

According to an anonymous source speaking to MovieHole, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and company have offered the leading role of brilliant but troubled computer hacker Henry Dorsett Case to Mark Wahlberg, while Liam Neeson is reportedly up for the role of the shadowy ex-soldier Armitage. Though it's definitely progress in getting the film made, the source made it clear than neither actor has yet agreed to take a role.

"Nobody has officially signed for the project, but the offers are on the table," the source said.

Finally casting someone in the flick would be a big step in actually getting it made, but according to MovieHole's source both Wahlberg and Neeson's offers are "pay-or-play," meaning that as long as they're not the ones responsible for the film's untimely demise, they'll still get paid. Given that someone somewhere has been trying to make this movie since at least 1988 (when a reference to a film adaptation was included on the box for the Neuromancer videogame), it seems pay-or-play deals are almost a necessity.

Filmmakers ranging from The Mask director Chuck Russell to acclaimed English music video director Chris Cunningham to Torque director Joseph Kahn have been signed on to bring the novel to the big screen over the years. This particular incarnation is in the hands of Vincenzo Natali, director of such sci-fi flicks as Cube and Splice, who's also signed on to write the screenplay. The source of the casting news was confident enough to say that the flick will get a 2014 release, but this is Neuromancer, which means everything could fall apart on any given day.

What do you think? Assuming that they don't say no or that the flick doesn't implode (again), are Wahlberg and Neeson good casting choices here?

(Via MovieHole)

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