Hasbro has no plans for Venom movie tie-in toys, at least not yet

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Sep 19, 2018, 5:11 PM EDT

For those of you eager to buy your Eddie Brock and Venom action figures this fall, we’re afraid you’re going to have to wait, since toymaker Hasbro currently has no plans to make any merchandise based on the upcoming live-action Venom movie. 

In an interview with ScreenGeek, Hasbro's senior product design manager Dwight Stall said: “Right now, we don’t have any product in the works based off the upcoming Sony Venom movie.” 

However, that doesn’t mean that Hasbro will never make a line of toys based on the film. In fact, if the film spawns a series, that may be when Hasbro springs into action. Ryan Ting, Hasbro’s global brand development and marketing manager, noted “it would depend on how the movie and the property performs,” adding that “if they make a lot of Venom movies and they’re successful,” they may consider developing toys based on the movies.

Stall said something similar in the interview. “We would have to wait with how it does, see what the fan response is and if it’s something that they want, then we would look and try and figure on doing some,” he said. “But right now, there’s no plans other than Classic Venom for this year.”

Stall and Ting didn’t go into why Hasbro has decided to hold off on making a line of Venom action figures. However, it should be noted that there was some speculation as to whether the movie would have an R rating, which doesn’t necessarily lend itself to merchandise for the kids. Then again, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t exactly kid-friendly, and that had a slew of toys lining up store shelves. 

This “wait and see” approach is not overly typical with toy companies making lines based on movies. After all, it makes sense to begin production on the toy line before the movie comes out, so the action figures and accessories are available for sale around the time of the film’s release (i.e. Avengers, Justice League, etc.), and not several months after the movie has left theatres. 

So, there you have it. Maybe in the future, Hasbro will make some toys inspired by the Venom movie. But for now, it’s not happening. Guess we’ll just have to settle for Marvel’s tie-in comic. And of course, the movie itself.