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Hasbro's new Captain Marvel toys call into question the role Carol Danvers' pet will play

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:54 AM EDT (Updated)

In the wake of last night's all-around incredible trailer for Captain Marvel, the hype machine is at full throttle, and Hasbro has released an early look at its toy line for the upcoming MCU installment.

The new toy line includes a wearable light-up Captain Marvel glove, two Carol Danvers dolls modeled after star Brie Larson, one in a Starforce uniform and one in the Captain Marvel costume, and a handful of six-inch Marvel Legends figures. This is where things start to get interesting.

So far, Captain Marvel's pet cat has snuck onto the first poster and arguably stole the show in the trailer last night, but fans have wondered exactly how it would factor into the film's story.

In the comic, her pet is eventually revealed to be a flerken, an alien that resembles a cat but lays eggs, has deadly tentacles, and can hide pocket dimensions inside its mouth — among some other powers. It also goes by Chewie (yes, after Chewbacca), which was changed to Goose for the film. This sparked some curiosity about what else might be changed for the big-screen version.



As you can see, one of the Captain Marvel dolls comes with "Marvel's Goose," as it's billed on the package, who gets carried around in Carol's backpack and by all accounts seems like a very good cat.

Now, the 6-inch Marvel Legends Captain Marvel figure also comes with a playful little pet Goose — but so does Nick Fury's figure. And it happens to be standing on its hinders while bound in cuffs and a facemask, similar to the one Loki wore at the end of the first Avengers film.

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Given that flerkens are powerful little creatures, this very strongly implies that Goose will end up doing something drastic enough that it warrants the Hannibal Lecter treatment.

We'll have to wait until March 8 to find out what exactly goes down. But based on the toy, it looks like Goose will play a much more significant role in Marvel's '90s-set outer space epic than is being implied.


Do you have any theories as to what role Goose will play? Sound off in the comments.