Hasbro's new horde of Jurassic World dino toys offers a look at the movie's menagerie

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Feb 13, 2015, 6:37 PM EST

Chomp down on this thundering herd of Hasbro dinosaur toys featuring the colorful reptile residents of this summer's Jurassic World. It looks like Hasbro is leaving no dino behind with this amazing array of detailed, "lights and sound" figures, vehicle battle packs, Brawlasaur playsets, pocket-size interchangeable toys and huge hand puppets.  From the massive might of Indominus rex and an angry Allosaurus to a trio of terrifying raptors, flying Dimorphodons and an insane aquatic Mosasaurus, this menacing menagerie of Jurassic World toys should satisfy both tiny tykes and hardcore collectors.  Most of the larger figures sport claw marks and hunks of exposed skin and are branded with the distinctive "JW" mark on their flanks.  No mention of specific release dates, but rest assured it will be timed toward Jurassic World's premiere date on June 12, 2015.  

Meander through our gallery of dinosaur delights and spare some room for these awesome toys in your collector's zoo.