HASCON reveals their exclusives for 2017: Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, MLP & more

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Jul 31, 2017

Hasbro's been part of other conventions for years, but they're putting together a convention especially for fans of the Hasbro brand and their toy lines at HASCON, the first Hasbro convention. HASCON will be held September 8-10 and will feature all kinds of interactive experiences, special events, panels, presentations, and first looks. 

They'll also have exclusives, which, I'll be honest, are what I look forward to most in a convention. The HASCON exclusives include figures, games, and toys from Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons

HASCON exclusive products include a Transformers Optimus Prime converting power bank, Marvel Legends series 6-Inch Uncanny X-Force Deadpool figure, 2017 Magic: The Gathering HASCON Collection, My Little Pony mystery box, and a Dungeons & Dragons My Little Pony dice tin.

HASCON guests will also be able to pick up an early release Transformers: Generations Titans Return Arcee special edition set and Star Wars: The Black Series 6-Inch Clone Captain Rex figure before they're available at other major retailers. But we know how retail can be sometimes, don't we?

If you're looking to pick these up, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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