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Victor CrowleySeemingly modeled after Sloth from The Goonies, the axe-wielding murderer in the low-budget Hatchet franchise should be more bizarre than outright scary. But, that perfect combination of backwoods weirdness and monster rage puts this one on the short list of iconic, scary baddies.

Hatchet director unleashes surprise Victor Crowley reboot

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Aug 24, 2017, 3:25 PM EDT

Sometimes you can't keep a good horror legend down.

Hatchet director Adam Green has secretly filmed Victor Crowley, a fourth entry in his cult horror franchise, and is set to premiere it tonight at Hollywood's ArcLight Cinema as part of a "Hatchet 10th Anniversary Celebration," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in the last four Friday the 13th films, is back to reprise his role as the deformed Bayou baddie in this titular reboot, which Green wrote and directed (Green scripted and helmed 2006's Hatchet and 2010's Hatchet II, but handed directing reins over for 2013's Hatchet III).

Victor Crowley Teaser Trailer

Also returning to the series is Parry Shen, whose character Andrew Yong, as fans will recall, survived the bloodbaths of the first three films. Joining him will be The Hills Have Eyes vet Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, and Brian Quinn of Impractical Jokers fame.

This time around, hoping to prove to disbelievers that Victor was responsible for the massacres that took the lives of 49 people 10 years prior, Yong heads back to Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp with film crew in tow when an unfortunate incident awakens the undead hatchet-wielding monster.

Green tells EW a timely pep talk from Night of the Living Dead mastermind George Romero inspired him to dive back into the Hatchet saga as a way to exorcise the depression he fell into after the death of his idol, Scream filmmaker Wes Craven, in August 2015.

Green is embarking on a "Victor Crowley Road Show" where he'll introduce the film at special one-night screenings in theaters across America, after which Victor Crowley will premiere on the festival circuit.