Hate Terminator Salvation? Sam Worthington hears you

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Sam Worthington told reporters that he takes to heart criticism of his last film, McG's Terminator Salvation, and that it'll help him make better movies in the future.

"Terminator? It was dark," Worthington told a group of reporters in London last Friday, agreeing with some of the critical responses to the movie. "There is no humor. That's what we set out to do. It's kind of humbling, the way that they describe your performance against [star] Christian's [Bale], but we have no control over that. We just have to do the best character that we can do at that time."

Worthington added that he even agreed with some of the nitpicks about the movie, such as: How does a giant robot sneak up on an abandoned gas station without making a sound?

"I can nitpick with the best of them, man, and kind of go down the list of things I saw on IMDB where they found holes in it, and go, 'You are f--king right,'" he said. "If there was a big 10-ton robot coming outside that gas station, surely we would f--king hear it. And I missed that. So I'm going to be a bit better when I'm looking through my f--king scripts. So it raises my game a bit, because now I feel like an idiot for not saying it to McG, you know?"

In a bit of a surprise, Worthington said he reads all of the critical comments people make about his performances and takes many of them seriously.

"It's pressure to do my job correctly, more than anything," Worthington said. "You know, I've got here because all the movies I've done in Australia gave me a good apprenticeship to be able to come into the big game or the big league. ... I've just [got] to keep the pressure on myself. ... I'm a nerd at heart, in the sense of I read what people say, because they're my audience. And if you don't know how you're coming across, in my opinion, I think you're cutting yourself off a bit."

Worthington compared his job to that of a professional athlete. "If the fans are booing you, you know you're going to play better," he said. "So we don't necessarily have the bounce of a theater, but we have the critics online, we have our critics in the newspaper, so I do take it all onboard in order to kind of go, 'Well, you know, they're the ones paying 12 bucks. I've got to kind of just step up my game, or Sam Worthington has to change this.' Or I will [say], 'F--k it, I'll change that or back up the criticism that I get thrown out.' 'Why did you do this?' Well I can now back up everything. Because that, to me, that helps my profession and links what I believe is, you know, what my job is. To entertain people. That's what my job is."

Worthington will next be seen in James Cameron's Avatar, which opens Dec. 18.