Have a look at 15 new BTS pics for the Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode 'Worlds Finest'

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Mar 23, 2016

Some cool behind-the-scenes pics for the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode have emerged. Titled “Worlds Finest,” it sees Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) popping up on Kara's (Melissa Benoist) home turf of National City.

Set to air this coming Monday, Supergirl's hotly anticipated 18th episode will be the first crossover event featuring two superheroes from two different networks, Supergirl being on CBS and The Flash airing on The CW.

So, how does he get there? The Fastest Man Alive will cross over to Kara’s world by using a tachyon device that will allow him to run so fast he’ll end up in an alternate universe. Hooray for multiverses! Here's what Benoist said about Barry's surprise arrival in National City:

“At the point that he shows up in National City, Kara’s kind of lost — this fallen hero, in a way. The city doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t know how to gain it back. She has no idea what to do next or how to redeem herself, and he comes in and they have this lovely relationship of helping each other and exchanging advice in what they’ve both experienced. There’s also a joy about it that she’s found someone like her, someone that has these powers and loves to help people. So I think there’s a really nice give and take between the two of them that instills more confidence in her when she really needs it.”

The Scarlet Speedster will join Supergirl in taking down the supervillainous duo of Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci) and Livewire (Brit Morgan) in exchange for help in getting back home to Star Labs and the rest of Team Flash over on The CW. But don’t expect Barry’s adventure to have direct narrative repercussions on The Flash, although jumping over to Supergirl will help boost his confidence in taking down Zoom (Teddy Sears). Grant Gustin told Variety:

“My favorite thing about it was we were shooting our Episode 18 of ‘Flash’ when I was simultaneously popping back and forth and doing ‘Supergirl’s’ Episode 18, and it’s the episode where Barry does disappear and go to this other Earth, so it coincided perfectly. Barry’s kind of going through it, as he does towards the end of the season, and it’s heavy and he’s been kind of down and this event — which doesn’t read at all in ‘The Flash’ script as affecting Barry — because he’s gone and he’s on ‘Supergirl,’ when he comes back, it really ended up affecting my mood on that episode of ‘Flash’ and kind of changed the arc for Barry for the next couple episodes. It helped give him some confidence knowing he had this other ally out there. He just came back with a more positive outlook than I would’ve expected him to after breaking the dimensional barrier and disappearing for a full day.”

Check out the cool behind-the-scenes pics below, and let us know if you’re looking forward to the Supergirl episode “Worlds Finest” March 28 on CBS.


.(via Variety)

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