Life finds a terrifying way in red band trailer and featurettes for Sony's sci-fi thriller

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Apr 27, 2017, 12:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Sony Pictures has debuted a terrifying new red band trailer and two new featurettes for its upcoming sci-fi thriller Life.

There is some freaky new footage to chew on in the "restricted sneak peek," which goes full-on Alien as the creature gets inside a human host and develops what looks to be some sort of tentacle-like thingie.

Told ya. Terrifying.

Life centers on six scientists aboard the International Space Station who discover a mysterious alien life form responsible for the extinction of life on Mars. Thing is, now it threatens not only the crew but all life on Earth as the microbe evolves and guns for our Big Blue Planet.

Dig into the trailer and featurettes below and let us know if you intend on seeing Life when it opens on March 24.