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Haven's Nathan reveals why 'happy endings seem all the more elusive' in S4

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Sep 13, 2013, 3:33 PM EDT

When Syfy's Haven returns with season four tonight, the Troubles will only get worse, said actor Lucas Bryant, who plays Nathan Wuornos. Beyond that, the actor believes Nathan's chance for a happy ending with his true love, Audrey, will have a long way to go. Haven premieres its fourth season tonight on Syfy at 10 p.m.

“The rules that we thought we understood have now changed, for some reason, and we are trying to figure out why, and so yes, these things are happening. The Troubles are happening with much more ferociousness, and the death toll is rising pretty fast,” said Bryant during a press call.

“People have died in the past, people have died on this show, but in some ways we were able to have somewhat happy endings [in previous seasons]. Now those happy endings seem all the more elusive.”

In the season-three finale, it seemed Audrey was destined to go into the mysterious barn and vanish for 27 years, taking the Troubles with her. However, Nathan couldn't bear to see her go and interfered in a way that left Haven being plummeted by a meteor shower, with Audrey, Duke and the barn vanishing. When the series returns tonight, six months will have passed and we'll find out what happened to all the major characters and the town.

“We had the ticking clock with Audrey’s inevitable departure [last season], and so this year we continue that momentum,” he said. “All of this takes place in a very short period of time, so it’s moving really quick.”

Nathan is no longer the Haven chief of police, and the once-confident cop has been dealing with “a new level of self-doubt and desperation.” He's taken up his own version of Fight Club, but the reappearance of Duke offers him something he hasn't had for a long time.

“With the little glimmer of hope that’s given to him initially in the first episode, he holds onto that as tightly as possible. So I think he believes in that 100,000 percent, because there is nothing else. He doesn’t have any other hope. So that’s not to say, I guess, he is not without his doubts. But yes, I think he has to believe that there is a way to get her back,” said Bryant.

The “her” is Audrey, of course. But don't expect her to be the same Audrey we've known for the last three seasons.

Haven, Lucas Bryant

As to whether he'll reunite with Audrey, all the actor will say is “There is a sort of reunion in the first half of the season.”

One thing that he promises will happen is we'll get to see a different side of Nathan, too. “That was a really cool turn for me,” said Bryant. “Nathan has always been maybe a little bit too sure of himself. I mean, sure, he’s always got doubts, but he had this kind of blind trust in himself and Audrey, and that, as you saw at the end of season three, led to a disastrous outcome. So now, yeah, getting to explore that ruined side of him was a lot of fun, and continuing out through season four he has a new mission, but [it is] a lot darker.”

Nathan's happiness will “be fleeting … especially in the first half of the season. Nathan’s outlook is pretty bleak, pretty dark. You know you learn in that opening episode what he has decided he needs to do and the deal that’s made about his short future,” he said.

As for Haven's season four, “there are a couple of big themes running through this whole season that I think will reward viewers that are tuning in to each episode and waiting for the next one,” said Bryant. “I’m sworn to secrecy about most things, but I can tell you a little. The character of William in episode 401 is very important in season four, and just exactly who he is and what he knows becomes a large part of this season’s story.” Eureka's Colin Ferguson joins the cast as the mysterious William.

Another new character, an eccentric young woman named Jennifer, is played by Emma Lahana (Hellcats). “Her relationship to the barn and just what she is capable of is a story that’s woven in throughout this whole season too and becomes very important, especially as we get into the end of it,” said Bryant. Well, also meet Duke's brother, Wade, played by Christian Camargo (Dexter).

Nathan's primary mission, however, will be “to locate Audrey and get her back,” he said.

As for what else we have to look forward to this season, Bryant played “a wildly different version of Nathan. Something happens in town that’s -- how do I put this -- that shakes up everyone’s reality. So yes, I got to explore a very different side of him, which was a blast. A much less reserved and much more effusive side of Nathan that I certainly didn’t see coming.”

Audrey will make it back to Haven, “and let’s just say hypothetically that there is a reunion of sorts.” However, the “new side of her character is wildly different from Audrey Parker, so that is a challenge. She is much more sassy and outspoken and tough, and Nathan has kind of a humorous and also challenging relationship with her,” he said.

This season, there will be some Troubles involving kids, “and that is pretty yucky and some neat and weird clawed forest creatures. There are more claws, definitely a lot more claws. There are more claws coming in later too, and big teeth,” said Bryant.

And fans can expect “some pretty gruesome stuff this season. Maybe we should raise the recommended viewing age from like 6 to like 7 or 8 this season. Maybe 8-year-olds and up. Yeah, there is some gruesome stuff, definitely. … There is definitely a lot of creep factor this season,” said Bryant.

But mainly, expect more on the mythology of it all, he said. “All of us have been shown that this thing is maybe so much huger than anyone could have guessed. And so I think we are adrift in a lot of dangerous possibilities this season. ... It’s just like a whole new rug has been pulled out from under everyone’s feet,” he said.

“Things aren’t looking too good there, but I will tell you that there may be very exciting lights at the end of that dark tunnel.”

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