Nathan reveals how Jason Priestley delivers 'dark stuff' to Haven

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

If you thought Syfy's Haven was a little bit like Stephen King-lite last season, get ready for a fundamental shift as season two progresses, said Canadian actor Lucas Bryant, who plays "troubled" local cop Nathan Wournous. "You can let people know that it's getting darker and scarier.

If you're a fan of the dark stuff, then season two, I think it's going to work for you," he said in an exclusive interview.

In last week's premiere, Nathan and his partner, Audrey Parker, were faced with a second Audrey Parker, as well as a series of biblical plagues come true. Nathan also struggled with the loss of his chief-of-police father, who exploded due to being troubled himself at the end of season one.

"As you know from episode 13 last year, Nathan loses his dad at the end," said Bryant. "So in season two, first he's deciding whether or not he's going to fill those shoes. And then in deciding to stay in town and try and figure out what the heck's going on, he learns a lot more about why his dad was the way he was and why he kept so much from him, and just how hard it is to hold that role."

Beyond that, there will be some definite possibilities on the Nathan/Audrey front this season on Haven, which seems like a given considering that Nathan can't feel anything except her touch. Well, that and the fact that they kissed last season.

"Midway through the season we start into an episode that forces him to examine the nature of his feelings for Miss Parker. I think that is a bit of a surprise to him," said Bryant. "There are definitely sparks continuing through this season. But then there are a couple speed bumps that get in the way. One of them is named Jason Priestley."

Priestley will guest-star in a four-episode arc as an antisocial marine biologist with an affliction. The actor will also direct an episode of Haven.

Priestley's character offers more than a little bit of a challenge for Nathan. "I know! It's not a fair fight," Bryant said with a laugh. "But he's a great guy. He's been really fun to have on set. And that gives [my] character something to play with."

When it comes to his reserved character, Bryant admits that when he first took the role of Nathan it was a challenge because he is nothing like the non-smiling cop. "I'm a much more expressive person than this character, and I generally play characters that are more out there. So initially, yeah, it was trying to have faith that I could be as seemingly boring as he comes off initially, and that people would slowly grow to understand and accept that character," he said.

Fortunately, his character has grown on him, especially because of Nathan's dry humor and his relationship to Audrey. "I like that he has a great faith. That he really believes in Audrey and really believes in their friendship, and really does at every turn stand by her. So I see him as this great best friend. That's been something really cool," said Bryant.

As for the overall mythology of Haven, you can expect it "to get deeper and stranger as we go," said Bryant. "It's so liberating that, especially with a town like this, a storyline like this, we can—and I'm sure we will—go anywhere."

Haven airs on tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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