This Hawkeye fan film is the perfect proof of concept for a Netflix series

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Mar 30, 2016

Ever since Marvel started expanding its reach into television, fans have been clamoring for a small-screen adaptation of Matt Fraction’s acclaimed Hawkeye comic run. Well, this fan film is a pitch-perfect proof of concept.

Titled Hawkeye (no, not Hawkguy), the fan film was released by One Riot One Ranger Productions and aims to capture a day in the life of Clint Barton when he’s not off kicking butt with the Avengers. Sure, the acting is a bit cringe-worthy at times, but the creative team does a fantastic job of capturing the offbeat tone and feel that made Fraction’s comic series so fun. You have great banter between Clint and Kate, Lucky the Pizza Dog (complete with a Lucky-cam that mimics the comic panels from the dog’s perspective), and even a faceoff with those pesky Russian bros trying to take over the neighborhood.

It captures all the wit and fun of the comic and shows just how well this concept could translate to the small screen (complete with botched arrow tricks!). Of course, there are more than a few logistical problems (aside from Jeremy Renner’s status as a movie star), most notably the big character reveal in Age of Ultron about how Barton has a whole family living off on a farm somewhere. Which, yeah, doesn’t really fit with the single, apartment-dwelling version from the comics (not to mention how Kate could fit into all that).

But, c’mon — this show would be crazy fun.

Check out the fan film below and let us know what you think:


(Via io9)

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