Hayley Atwell still hasn't given up on reviving Agent Carter

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Jun 2, 2017, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

When ABC abruptly canceled Agent Carter after a two-season run last year, fans were left gutted.

Not only did they pull the plug on a critically acclaimed series (sadly, the ratings weren’t up to par for the network), but the show ended on a dramatic cliffhanger of “Who Shot Agent Thompson” (Chad Michael Murray), seemingly never to be resolved.

Ever since the show’s demise, Hayley Atwell has been pretty vocal about continuing Peggy Carter’s adventures in any way, shape or form (she’s set to reprise the role in the non-MCU animated series Avengers Assemble), and, during a recent appearance at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London (via a report from Movie Pilot), the actress gave the assembled fans hope while taking about “the rise of female-led superhero shows,” which she says was the “result of a conversation between TV execs and fans” and mentioned there was still interest in Agent Carter, thanks to the show’s loyal fan base.

Since Atwell’s series Conviction was also canceled by ABC, could they pull a Timeless and somehow un-cancel the series? If that happened, Atwell reiterated that she’d do the series “like a shot.”

The Captain America actress (who will star in the BBC's four-part Howard's End TV series later this year) also teased what we would have seen if Agent Carter had been given the green light for a third year, saying that Season 3 would have explored more of Peggy’s English upbringing and the impact the ghost of her “late” brother Michael (Max Brown) had on her (I actually think her brother is alive and well, based on the clues left in Season 2), as well as her relationship with the Jarvises.


Another plot thread still unresolved is about the mysterious identity of Peggy’s husband, although my money is on him being fellow SSR Agent (now chief of the L.A. branch) Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj).

Whether ABC will make a third season of Agent Carter a reality down the line remains to be seen, but you know the saying: Hope springs eternal! What do you think?

(via Movie Pilot)

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