HBO hacked again, this time on its social media accounts

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Aug 17, 2017

The hacking saga surrounding HBO is starting to look less like reality and more like one of the network’s twisty dramas — and the latest episode just arrived.

The pay cable network has already endured a highly publicized hack that had unaired episodes of shows like Game of Thrones, script outlines, and communications stolen. Then an international affiliate accidentally aired this week’s episode early, leading it to leak online (after an episode just two weeks ago also leaked online). Luckily for HBO, fans love Game of Thrones so much that all these leaks haven’t hurt the ratings, but it’s still not good to have advance episodes floating around on a regular basis.


Now? HBO’s social media accounts have been hacked, with the network’s main account — plus show accounts for True Blood, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Vinyl, and Veep — all compromised and featuring messages from a group of hackers seemingly calling themselves “OurMine.” The network regained control of the accounts after about 40 minutes and deleted the messages.

HBO didn’t have much to say about the hack, only confirming that the incident is under investigation. Regardless, it’s one more headache in a saga that shows no signs of slowing down. If this hacking odyssey is a real-life HBO drama, here’s hoping it doesn’t get renewed for Season 2.

(Via NBC News)

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