HBO officially confirms popular Game of Thrones fan theory about Jon's parents

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Jun 29, 2016, 4:52 PM EDT

If there were still any doubts about the identity of Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) true parentage on Game of Thrones, they’ve now been put to rest.

When Season 6 came to a close Sunday with the stunning season finale “The Winds of Winter,” it was finally confirmed that yes, Jon’s mother was indeed Lord Eddard Stark’s younger sister, Lyanna. However, the episode ended with the identity of Jon's father still up in the air.

Until now.

HBO's official Game of Thrones production blog Making Game of Thrones has released a new infographic revealing that Jon Snow IS in fact the son of Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen -- finally proving once and for all that the popular and long-running fan theory R + L = J was the right one all along. Yass!!! Check it out:


Let's pull a bit of a Bran Stark for a sec here: Lyanna Stark was the only daughter of Rickard Stark, Lord of Winterfell. She was engaged to Robert Baratheon, but, during a tourney hosted at Harrenhal, she caught Prince Rhaegar Targaryen’s eye, who then placed a crown of winter roses on her lap, crowning her the Queen of Love and Beauty over his own wife, Princess Elia Martell.

She was then either kidnapped by or eloped with Rhaegar (depending on who you’re talking to in Westeros) which led to Robert's Rebellion. When news broke that Rhaegar had "kidnapped" Lyanna, Ned made his way to Dorne, where he found his sister in the Tower of Joy, drenched in blood and dying.

Before she died in childbirth, Lyanna made Ned promise to keep her son safe since she feared the newly crowned King Robert would find out the truth about Jon's parentage and kill him because he's a Targaryen and heir to the Iron Throne. The good folks over at Games Radar enhanced the scene, and this is what she whispered to Ned: “His name is .... If Robert finds out, he'll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.”

What's more, a Reddit user says she deciphered what was being said by watching the scene about “fifty times at least” and claims the name Lyanna gave baby Jon is Jaehaerys. Taking him in as his bastard son, it makes total sense Ned would have changed the name Jaehaerys to Jon, since the very Targaryen-sounding name would have given Jon’s true parentage away and get the future King in the North (and of the Seven Kingdoms) killed.

There you have it! What do you guys think?


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