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HBO responds to Trump's use of Game of Thrones for a political meme

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Nov 2, 2018, 2:31 PM EDT

When it comes to Game of Thrones, HBO would like President Donald Trump to back off. The network has responded to Trump's use of the hit fantasy drama's font and adaptation of one of its trademark phrases in a meme posted to his Twitter account Friday.

The image features a photo of Trump and the words "Sanctions Are Coming," seemingly referring to new sanctions the Trump Administration plans to impose on Iran on Monday. The words are styled in a font clearly drawn from Game of Thrones branding, which makes it obvious that the phrasing comes from "Winter Is Coming," the words of House Stark and one of the show's most memorable refrains. 

In response to the meme, HBO issued a statement to several outlets, including SYFY WIRE.

“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes."

The network wasn't the only one connected to Game of Thrones to respond to Trump's tweet. Shortly after the meme was posted, stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner — who played Arya and Sansa Stark, respectively — posted their own replies on Twitter. They were not subtle.

A short while later, HBO also issued its own tweet in apparent response to Trump.

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season next year on HBO.