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HBO rolls out first chapter of its 7-part peek behind the curtain of Game of Thrones

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:40 AM EDT (Updated)

In the aftermath of Sunday night's earth-shattering Game of Thrones season conclusion, HBO is debuting its seven-part, mini-documentary series titled The Game Revealed, exploring the making of each weekly episode, starting with the first installment for "Dragonstone."

This premiere chapter for Season 7 paraded out on July 16 and revolved around Jon Snow organizing the defense of the North, Arya on the road to kill the queen, Sam cleaning chamberpots, Cersei attempting to even the odds, and Daenerys finally returning to the ominous castle Dragonstone, ancestral home of House Targaryen.

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The Game Revealed will debut each Monday for the next six weeks on HBO Now, HBO Go, HBO On Demand, and other streaming portals, focusing on a different episode in succession. But go easy and ration them out, since it may be more than a year before the grand finale season of Game of Thrones charges onto the small screen again!

Check out the inner workings of "Dragonstone" in the 14-minute featurette starring the cast and crew below and tell us how you're coping with the series' extended absence following Sunday's emotional showdown.

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