Westworld Season 2

HBO’s newest Westworld Season 2 footage may mean revolution fallout

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Mar 13, 2018, 11:13 AM EDT

After the wreckage last season, it looks like HBO is trying to tell us something about the android uprising that looms over Westworld in its latest 2018 preview compilation.

These new footage clips may open up more questions than they answer, but they still leave behind a few whispers and bloodstains that could act as clues. This isn’t a smoking gun lying on the saloon floor in plain sight. You have to really pause and replay and pause again (this is starting to sound like a VHS tape) to get the possible foreshadowing.

At about 1:17, Dolores confesses to Teddy that she “remembers beautiful things” but also “terrible things” — take that as you will. Enough terrible things have happened since Season 1 crashed and burned, but if you consider Season 2’s inevitable robot revolution and that it might already be crushing the park by the time this conversation happens, that could easily factor in. Even that might already be reading too deeply into this. It could just be a generalization that could easily go wild when subjected to fan theory.

Then there’s the shot in the breath between “beautiful things” and “terrible things,” in what looks like a bar that is definitely not set in the Old West. It doesn’t really look like the much-anticipated Shogun World either. A male and female figure encounter each other, which could be the same story that plays out in millions of bars every night. You already know she’s a robot, because the female figure is Angela. The question is whether he is.

Just as the words “terrible things” leave Dolores’ lips and seem to hang frozen in the air, you encounter a very nervous Bernard, who is probably better off not turning around for a while, because one of those creepy drone-hosts Delos never wanted him to find out about is stalking through the shadows behind him. You know from previous footage releases that at some point one comes way too close. How many are there?

After that, there is a blurry glimpse of Maeve holding a gun to someone’s head. Or something’s head. Is her target human or robot? Assuming she’s about to blow the brains out of a human, it may appear like the non-human forces are winning. But wait.

Around 1:24 is the clip that will really activate speculation. Dolores just barely finishes telling Teddy “I know how the story ends” when the screen floods with smoke and destruction and vague figures in cowboy hats. When it zooms in, you hear the simultaneous clicking of guns from a whole band of vengeful rogues. They have to be the robots of Westworld who don’t want to be used as entertainment anymore.

Just when you think you got it, there’s another but. Those cow-bots all have their barrels aimed at the Man in Black. There is no way HBO would reveal this clip if he was about to go down easy.

So what do you think? Robots or humans? Take aim in the comments below!