HD set video gives most exciting look at Dark Knight Rises yet

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Dec 15, 2012

We've seen a lot of photos and videos leaking from the set of The Dark Knight Rises over the last few weeks, but many of them are so grainy and distant that they're basically unwatchable.

Today we're seeing new footage of Batman taking on a horde of Gotham PD squad cars, and the quality is (mostly) so good that it's the best view of the flick we've gotten yet.

The new video from the flick's downtown Los Angeles set is another view of a night shoot that videos have been leaking from for a while now, but none of those videos can match this one.

It's got detail, it's got multiple angles and it gives a very good sense of the scale of the film. You see the cape billowing, you see the Batpod in action, you see a massive fleet of Gotham squad cars in hot pursuit, and the uploader even added some dramatic music to heighten the mood. And finally, we get a really great view of the Batwing as it swoops over Gotham cops.

Check out the video below. Even if we're certain of nothing else about this flick at the moment, we can at least be certain that Chris Nolan and company are going big.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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