He IS Iron Man! Check out Downey, Jr.'s life-size, flying RC suit

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Sep 27, 2013

Yes, Robert Downey, Jr. plays Iron Man on the big screen — but did you know the actor (kinda) own a full-size, flying Iron Man suit?

After work on The Avengers wrapped, Downey, Jr.’s staff apparently all pitched in to have a special, remote-controlled Iron Man built for the actor as a souvenir. That’s right: A six-foot tall, remote-controlled flying Iron Man figure. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The one-of-a-kind RC kit was built by model plane maker Greg Tanous of RC Superhero, and is essentially a life-sized version of the 19-inch remote-controlled Iron Man figures made available to the masses.

Check out the flying suit in the video above, and marvel at Downey, Jr.’s wicked cool toys. 

(Via Movies.com)

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