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Source: Super 7

He-Man meme (you know the one) gets its own laughing action figure

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Jun 26, 2018, 5:20 PM EDT

He-Man may have been one of our first geeky loves (or awakened something deep inside of us), but for a certain generation, there was one particular video that introduced the muscle-bound hero of Eternia.

It had grainy edited footage, a rainbow color scheme, and a uniquely covered pop song. Yes, it’s the video from way back in 2005, when Slackcircus edited together a video of He-Man and other Masters of the Universe singing their cover of 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up.” And now you can get an action figure of the He-Man from that video!

Super 7 has revealed their Masters of the Universe San Diego Comic-Con 2018 exclusives to be made available at their Super 7 Hordak’s Lair Pop-Up Event, and one of them is the singing, laughing, “Yeah-yeah-yeahing” He-Man you know and love.

You know... this one:

The figure features an all-new laughing head sculpt directly inspired by the meme, along with rainbow glitter packaging and a sweet pink power sword:

Laughing Prince Adam in box

Source: Super 7

Laughing Prince Adam

Source: Super 7

The pop-up event runs July 18 to 19 during SDCC 2018.