Head back into The Further with the trailer for Insidious: The Last Key

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Sep 5, 2017, 2:23 PM EDT

Ready to step back into The Further? Well, technically, it doesn't look like Insidious: The Last Key will take viewers into The Further, the purgatory-like dimension that we visited in the first three Insidious films. We do get a familiar face in Insidious: The Last Key - that of Dr. Elise Rainier, played by the fabulous Lin Shaye.

The Last Key is technically a sequel to Insidious 3, but comes before Insidious 1 and 2. In other words, the timeline of this franchise is starting to become Star Wars-esque. In The Last Key, Elise goes to her family home to investigate the hauntings that have scarred her.

Insidious: The Last Key is written by Leigh Whannell (who wrote the previous installments and directed Chapter 3); and directed by Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan). Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell reprise their roles as paranormal investigators Tucker and Specs.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters January 5, 2018.

Check out the trailer below. Are you excited for a new Insidious movie?

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