Head into Cylon space with two new eps of BSG: Blood & Chrome

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May 21, 2015

Two new episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome are live, and take us deeper into Cylon-occupied space. If you've been waiting for some good Cylon Raider dogfights, your wait is over.

Episodes three and four of the 10-part web series pick up with young Adama (Luke Pasqualino) and his co-pilot Coker (Ben Cotton) heading deep into Cylon territory, where they make a startling discovery that could turn the tide of the war.

This installment has quite a bit more action than the first two episodes, and starts to divvy out some story nuggets as we learn a little more about this secret mission.

The series definitely has that classic Battlestar Galactica vibe, but it's beginning to carve out its own niche as we get a little deeper. It has a little less layered political intrigue/commentary, and a little more of that old-fashioned swashbuckling attitude.

Both are great, but Blood & Chrome does feel like a fresh take on what had become a fairly dense (in a good way) franchise.

Check out the latest two episodes below:

New episodes are set to roll out every Friday on Machinima Prime.

What do you think of the web series so far?

(Via Machinima)

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