Head into the heart of Gotham in 3+ mins. of new footage from Batman prequel

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May 14, 2014, 4:02 PM EDT

Along with that impressive debut trailer, Fox has now released some additional footage and interviews from the upcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham.

The footage takes us inside the Gotham Police Department, and walks us through the murder of the Waynes, as producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon explain their approach to the Batman mythos and how they hope to make this series a compelling one for genre fans and general audiences, alike.

There are also some great interviews with stars Ben McKenzie (Det. Jim Gordon) and Donal Logue (Det. Harvey Bullock), with McKenzie digging into how the Wayne murders were the “metaphorical break point” that plunges Gotham into its downward spiral that eventually pushes young Bruce to don the cowl.

The new footage also shows off a bit more of the characters, as we get a peek at the tone and some of the humor they’ll be mixing into the hyper-stylized series.

Gotham debuts this fall on Fox, and will air on Monday nights alongside Sleepy Hollow.

(Via Fox)