Hear Matt Smith admit he 'made a mistake' leaving Doctor Who

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Jul 23, 2013, 10:52 AM EDT

This one might just pull at your heartstrings ...

While at the Nerd HQ Panel during this past San Diego Comic-Con, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith was confronted by the sight of a little girl who was really upset that Smith was leaving Doctor Who. Awwww.

When the actor was asked by the little girl’s mother why he was leaving the role he had held for the past three seasons, the upcoming 50th-anniversary and Christmas specials (which will see the Eleventh Doctor regenerate into Doctor number Twelve)—this is what Smith said:

“It’s hard to leave. It’s an awful thing to contemplate, it really is. It’s been the most incredible experience of my life.
“Things like this and Comic-Con, it’s changed my life … It’s really depressing. You’ve gotta go when you’ve gotta go … I don’t know … I don’t know! I’ve made a mistake!”

Have a look:

Perhaps the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration should also end with the tearful: “I don’t want to go.”

(via Doctor Who TV)