Hear R2-D2 speak in English in this mashup video

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Feb 28, 2017

The lovable little droid from Star Wars is arguably one of the most vital characters in the entire saga and part of his attraction is his amusing language of electronic beeps, tweets and twitters interpreted by his often-annoyed protocol companion, C-3PO.

If you've ever wondered what effect it would have to actually hear R2-D2 speak in proper King's English, then you'll love this new mashup video by YouTubers Auralnauts.

In a monumental effort, these dedicated audio wizards have grabbed all of Artoo's key scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope and replaced his old language with that of a witty British gent and the result is unsettling and amazing at the same time, both adding to the interpretive performance but also taking away some of the subtle connections to C-3PO.

Lend us your ears and tell us if you like R2-D2 generating his normal clicks and chirps or if you fancy this formal human voice better. Personally, I love the fact Lucas and his sound designer Ben Burtt let us fill in his thoughts and emotions with our imaginations.

(via Screenrant)

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