Heartbreaking Dead Island trailer makes the zombie apocalypse personal

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Zombie games tend to be all about pumping your rifle just in time to blow a hole through some undead dude's skull. And that's great! Love a busted out skull, me, but sometimes what we really crave ... is the love.

No, not the dirty kind. We're talking about two people in love and what they do with their final moments. Seriously, though, it's not dirty! It's tender.

We've seen Dead Island pull out the emotional stops before, but this trailer for their latest, Dead Island: Riptide, will have you fishing for a hanky.

It's nothing fancy, but sometimes a simple story can have you telling the person next to you, "I'm fine. There's just something in my eye."

(via icanhascheezburger)