Heartbreaking trailer for Ewan McGregor's post-apocalyptic romance

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Dec 16, 2012

If you love post-apocalypse films, a word of warning—after watching the first moments of the trailer for Ewan McGregor's upcoming movie, Perfect Sense, you might think it's aimed only at romance aficionados. But actually, Perfect Sense was made just for you.

The trailer for Perfect Sense starts off slow and romantic, and yes, it ends that way, too. But all the bits in the middle are pure disaster: It's about a seemingly happy couple ... and a world where victims of an unknown plague lose their senses, starting with the sense of smell. We're not sure what agent decimates the population (virus? mutant virus? chemicals? mutant chemicals?), but we're pretty sure life is going to suck for our heroes.

Sharp-eyed IMDB'ers might notice the appearance of Denis Lawson as a detective. Geeky IMDB'ers will know that Lawson is the uncle of star McGregor, as well as the actor who played Wedge, the only pilot to have survived the two battles of Yavin and Endor in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Perfect Sense opens in America on Feb. 3, 2012.

(via IndieWire)