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'Heartbroken' Ryan Reynolds responds to stuntwoman's death on Deadpool 2

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Aug 14, 2017

UPDATED 8 p.m. ET: Earlier today, we learned about the tragic death of stuntwoman Joi "SJ" Harris, who lost control of a motorcycle on the set of Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, Canada. Now the film's star, Ryan Reynolds, has publicly responded.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on the set of David Leitch's Deadpool sequel this morning, on the fifth take of an action sequence, Harris "appeared to lose control of the bike and ran into a nearby building, through glass."

Witnesses say that on the four prior attempts, Harris, who was apparently working on her first film, had performed the stunt -- which involved driving down two ramps of stairs -- "perfectly." But on the fifth attempt, she reportedly had to speed up to dodge pedestrians, causing her to cross the street suddenly, and hit the building.

On Reynolds' Instagram account, which he's been actively updating since shooting began in June, the star posted the following statement in response to the accident:

In a separate statement, Leitch also expressed his condolences: "No words can express how I and the rest of the Deadpool 2 crew feel about this tragedy. Our thoughts are with her family, friends, and loved ones in this difficult time.”

Local police, the coroner's office, and WorkSafeBC are all investigating.

No word yet on when shooting will resume, or whether the delay will affect Deadpool 2's slated June 1, 2018, opening date.