He'll be back! Arnold Schwarzenegger says there will be another Terminator movie

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Mar 21, 2016

Even though Terminator Genysis was a flop at the North American box office and in the hearts of Terminator fans everywhere, it looks like the movie’s star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, still believes a sixth movie is happening.

That’s what the former Governator told Australia's Channel 9 host Richard Wilkins when he was asked about the possibilities of a sequel: “I am looking forward to it, absolutely,” Schwarzenegger said while remaining mum on plot details or even a release date. 

He also chatted about his most famous catchphrases: “A lot of them are on the page, but then a lot of them were made up. It's not so much what he [his characters] says, but it is how he says it. That is what makes people want to repeat it and say it again and again.”


Helmed by Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor, Genisys was to be the first in a new trilogy of films that starred Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jay Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith as the living embodiment of Skynet.

The next entry in the franchise was expected to hit the screens on May 19, 2017.

When the movie only reaped $89 million at the domestic box office on an estimated $155 million budget (the movie’s foreign box office fared slightly better with a $350,842,581 haul, making its worldwide gross $440,603,537 total), Paramount terminated the sequel from their 2017 release schedule.

Now the question is, is Ahnold’s confidence in the movie wishful thinking or are there still plans for a Terminator Genisys sequel down the line? One could argue that the Terminator movie franchise, like Arnie's deadly machine, will always be back, right? What do you think? Do you want a sequel to Terminator Genisys?


(via Daily Mail)

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