Hellboy creator isn't giving up hope we'll get a third movie

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Apr 9, 2013, 12:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Mike Mignola wants you to know that he's still very much up for Hellboy 3.

Mignola first drew Big Red into being back in 1993, and since then he's taken the character on a host of comic-book adventures and helped to make two movies with Guillermo del Toro. For a while after Hellboy II: The Golden Army hit theaters in 2008 it seemed that Hellboy 3 couldn't be far behind. Now it's five years later, and still no flick.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Mignola called "explaining endlessly ... that there's no Hellboy 3 movie" a big PR problem while answering a question about the irregular way Hellboy comics are released (the comic-book stories have never been released as a simple ongoing monthly series, but rather a string of miniseries). He said it with a laugh, as though it's a question he gets a lot that he really doesn't have an answer to, but it led to whispers around the 'net that Mignola has declared the film is simply not happening. Ever. 

Well, Hellboy's creator took to his Facebook page last night to set the record straight about that:

"There are a couple articles out floating around out there right now that sort of make it sound like I don't want a third movie made or even implying that somehow I might in some way stopping a third one from being made--That's just stupid. I have no idea why these things are popping up now. I'm asked all the time if a third film is in the works and I always say there isn't--Because there isn't. Simple as that. Of course I would be thrilled to see a third one made. I know Ron would like to do it and I think if ANYONE could talk Universal into it it would be del Toro. After #2 someone at the studio assured me that they would NEVER make a third and that was the last contact I had with anyone at Universal. That was a long time ago and things change and I do hope things will change, but who knows. Certainly it all has nothing to do with me. The fate of a third film is entirely somewhere between del Toro and Universal."

So there you have it. Mike Mignola is still fully on board for another Hellboy flick, and it sounds like Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are too. Maybe that'll save Mignola a few redundant fan questions the next time he's at a convention.

(Via Art of Mike Mignola)

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