Hellboy creator takes on Frankenstein in a new Dark Horse miniseries

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Oct 1, 2014

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola's next comics project will feature his take on a legendary monster.

Back in 2011, Mignola introduced Frankenstein's monster to his Dark Horse Comics "Mignolaverse" with the Hellboy graphic novel House of the Living Dead. Now he's revisiting the creature with a five-issue miniseries set to hit comic-book stores next year. Featuring story and cover art by Mignola and interior art by Baltimore artist Ben Stenbeck, Frankenstein Underground will take the monster deep into the mysteries of Mignola's creepy comic-book world.

“This version of the Frankenstein monster has the same thirst for knowledge readers will remember from Mary Shelley’s novel,” Dark Horse editor in chief Scott Allie said. “The monster takes the reader through some of the biggest mysteries of the Mignolaverse, shedding new light on important stuff we’ve only touched on before."

Mignola's always had a talent for taking legends, folklore, myth and other pre-existing stories, giving them a new spin and weaving them into his Hellboy universe, and now he's hoping to do the same with Frankenstein by giving us a version of the character that's part Mary Shelley, part Boris Karloff and all Mignolaverse.

“It’s intimidating as hell to take on an icon like the Frankenstein monster,” Mignola said. “I’m trying to do something that’s true to the origin Mary Shelley created for the creature but also captures a bit of the feel that Boris Karloff brought to the role in the classic Universal films. At the same time I’m throwing the monster into an entirely new environment, so I think the result will be something new. It’s an odd one, but ultimately will add an important new wrinkle to the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. world.”

For more details on Frankenstein Underground, check out Mignola's interview about the project with MTV, and check out Mignola's promo art for the series below.

So it looks like another comic just hit our 2015 must-read list. What do you think? Will Frankenstein Underground be on your pull list?

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