Hellboy joins the fight in the latest Fighter Pack trailer for Injustice 2

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Aug 23, 2017

The Injustice games are fun because they present a seemingly endless selection of "Who would win in a fight?" scenarios. Black Canary or Captain Cold? Gorilla Grodd or Doctor Fate? Deadshot or Red Hood? They're also fun because the multiversal concept allows developer NetherRealm to introduce not just alternate versions of DC Comics characters, but characters from outside the DC world who just happen to pop up on another Earth.

Injustice 2, released earlier this year, has already incorporated characters like Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero into the fray, and now the game's second Fighter Pack is ready to introduce three more ... including a Big Red guy you just might be a fan of.

Fighter Pack 2's three-character lineup was revealed today at GamesCon, and the trailer gets you pumped right away by revealing that one of the characters is another Mortal Kombat alum: Raiden, the thunder god. The second character is Aquaman nemesis Black Manta. And the third, intercepting a missile with the Right Hand of Doom ... is Hellboy.

That's right, Mike Mignola's gruff demon with the heart of gold is coming to Injustice 2 later this year. Fighter Pack 2 goes on sale Sept. 12, and while Hellboy might not be the first character to appear there, he will be in your clutches sometime thereafter.

Check out the Fighter Pack 2 trailer below.

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