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New Hellboy red-band trailer fires up the F-bombs and gore

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Mar 1, 2019, 8:23 AM EST (Updated)

Hellboy, it's like you never left. In the upcoming reboot's newest trailer -- which dropped at midnight because everything about this film must be hellish in one way or another -- things get R-rated. Finally, the red-band trailer is here. David Harbour, the latest actor to take on the mantle of the Ragna Rok star, is as red as his trailer and is still here to save the world.

As director Neil Marshall and writer Andrew Cosby's humorous (but still dark) take on the demonic superhero adapts Mike Mignola's comic with a slightly different tone than the franchise created by Guillermo del Toro, fans will have to adjust their expectations for the new film -- which of course they will if it means getting to see Nimue, the Blood Queen; B.P.R.D. agent Ben Daimio; and Lobster Johnson. The second trailer for the film, released today, drops f-bombs and a killer version of "Smoke on the Water."

Take a look:

Yes, Hellboy just stabbed through a man's entire head. And it was awesome. And that massive creature? Well, it's not pulling any punches either. Yikes. The film is showing off some of its hardcore monster effects and, while not as eerie or realistic as the first film franchise, there's certainly a Lord of the Rings-esque epicness to the scale as the world goes to hell.

Hellboy takes us all down with him on April 12.

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